Children should be fed breakfast prior to coming to class each morning. Please do not drop your child off with food in hand as this can create problems with the other children. A midmorning snack is provided. Lunch is provided by parents and should be sent in a separate container labeled with your child’s name. There are no provisions for refrigerating or heating food. Finger foods are recommended and NO red drinks please. Once a week, pizza will be served to those that have paid for the semester. 

Please make sure your child’s teacher is informed of any food allergies. 

All food brought for a classroom party must be store bought with ingredient labels attached. This is to protect those that have food allergies. 


All children need to bring 1 full change of clothes each day; all of which must be labeled with their name and kept in a Ziploc baggie in their backpack. Please select clothing and shoes that are appropriate for all activities and all weather. When dressing your child for school, please remember that he or she may be participating in outdoor activities and art projects that may include paint. We go outside to play if it is above 50°. Our playground contains woodchips so we suggest an enclosed shoe instead of sandals or flip flops. No squeak shoes. 


Infants and toddlers need to bring labeled diaper bags which should include 4 extra diapers and a sippy cup, no bottles. All children should bring a sippy cup or container of water. All children (excluding Garden Room) need to bring a 1 inch thick plastic fold up mat for rest time. These will be left at school and cleaned by the teachers daily. Our storage limitations do not allow for larger mats. Cloth mats are allowed but must be taken home each day. Please bring a full-size backpack or a bag that a folder can fit into. The kids will take a folder home each night with important papers and crafts. It is easiest if their bag or backpack is big enough to hold it. 

Please do not allow your child to bring toys (including electronic devices), jewelry (especially necklaces – choking hazard), or other personal items of value as they may get misplaced or damaged. A small item (blanket, stuffed animal, etc) for naptime is acceptable and must fit in his/her backpack. Please be sure that all your child’s possessions are clearly labeled. 

There are many people who experience unpleasant physical effects from scented products. Some of our teachers and students have had sensitivity reactions to such products, so much so that it has affected teaching and learning in the classroom. For this reason, NSCP asks that all students and staff refrain from wearing any scented product that could be deemed offensive to others (perfume, cologne, oils, etc). 

For a printable copy of our complete Parent Handbook including policies and procedures, click here. This information is also available on the menu to the left.