Registration:   $125 Non-refundable

2 days a week:  $275/month          4 days a week: $475/month

Supply Fee: (due with September and January tuition payments)
2 days/week – $75 semester    4 days/week – $100/semester

The third child of the same family in the same household receives a 50% discount on tuition only. 

Tuition is due the first business day of the month. Payment may be made to the office with check or cash. 

Tuition fees are charged regardless of the attendance of the child. If your child is unable to be in class (illness, vacation, etc) tuition is still due and late fees will be assessed. You are always welcome to mail payments in advance if you know your child will be out. Payment by check is preferred for record keeping purposes. If paying by cash, make sure and get a receipt as proof of payment. Checks should be made payable to North Side Baptist Church (NSBC) and should include the child’s name at the bottom of the check. 

Tuition for December will be half price. Full tuition is due all other months regardless of closures for bad weather or holidays. 


Tuition is due the first business day of the month. A $25 late fee will be charged after the 10th of the month. 


Pick-up is between 2:00 pm and 2:30 pm. After 2:30, a late fee of $10 per 15 minutes will be charged to your account. The fee is charged regardless of reason. 


There will be a $25 reprocessing fee for all returned checks. Payment for the returned check must be paid in cash and after two returned checks, only cash will be accepted. 


We will accept drop-ins of currently enrolled children only and only when space in available. Approval must be granted by Director prior to drop-off. The drop-in rate is $25/day and must be paid before drop-off. Your receipt must be presented to the teacher prior to entering the classroom. No drop-ins on party days. 


Once a week we offer a pizza lunch. The pizza fee is paid by semester (not each pizza day), and payment will be due at the beginning of each semester (September and January.) Students not paying for pizza will need to bring a lunch on pizza days. 

Pizza fee for 4 days/wk=$70 (Pizza offered once a week for 4 day/wk students) 

Pizza fee for 2 days/wk=$35 (Pizza offered once every other week for 2 day/wk students) 


If NSCP provides your child a change of clothes or diaper/pull-up, your account will be charged a small fee. That fee will be waived if those items are replaced. 

If your account balance (tuition, fees or late fees) is not paid in full by the next business day after the 15th of the month, your child(ren) will be unable to attend and the spot(s) may be offered to another family on the waiting list. Excessive late payments may result in termination of enrollment. 


A two-week notice prior to withdrawal is required.  If a two-week notice is not given, a balance equal to two weeks’ tuition will be owed and added to your account.  Should your child return to NSCP in the future, that balance must be paid in full before admission is granted.  A re-enrollment fee is due if a child withdraws and returns within the same school year.


All children attending NSCP are enrolled on a trial basis.  NSCP reserves the right to terminate any child’s enrollment at any time.  We will provide ample documentation and reason. Actions which may constitute termination of your child’s enrollment in our school are:

  • Chronic tardiness
  • Non-payment or late payment
  • Failure to follow written or posted rules/policies
  • Recurring disciplinary problems
  • Disruptive behavior of a child
  • Actions and behaviors that cause safety risk to other children and/or teachers
  • Inability of the child to adapt successfully to the preschool environment
  • Inability of NSCP to adequately meet all needs of the child (physically or 


For a printable copy of our complete Parent Handbook including policies and procedures, click here.